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━━━━↠ The second unit I selected for Gr. 12 Communications Technology was Autodesk Maya 2010. For this unit, I aimed to grasp modeling and animation techniques for the first time with this program, as I had not previously used it in Gr. 10 or Gr. 11.

Since I hadn’t used it previous to this, I had no prior knowledge of the program. I started from scratch entirely. The first tutorial I followed first was a YouTube video instructing me how to model a soda can. In this tutorial, I learned how to add edge loops, how to add shine to objects, add images to serve as textures, and how to align said textures with the objects. My second tutorial was a strawberry model. It was, by far, the most stressful tutorial of this unit. Because of all the edges and the textures, the program slowed down when I tried to move the viewpoint. It did, however, teach me how to inset, extrude, cut textures out and modify them, and how to use soft selection to make round objects. My third tutorial was a short animation. In this tutorial, I learned how to create a pond object, an animation path, and how to make a polygonal object collide with the pond in a realistic manner that water normally would. My final project was a lightsabre model. In doing that project, I utilized many skills I used in my tutorials, such as the edge loop tool, extruding and insetting, but the new skill I learned was how to make objects glow.

I had quite a bit of difficulty with the strawberry tutorial because of the program lag, but other than that, I enjoyed using Maya and found it even easier to use than 3Ds Max.

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